My Must Have Hair Products

Raindrops Shower Filter

This shower filter will change your world! It filters out all the harsh chemicals and minerals that damage your hair and skin. Say goodbye to dull hair and dry skin!

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Holistic Hair Tribe

Shop all of my favorite hair products, organic, ecologically friendly, and 100% recycable and reusable. Plus completely safe for your extensions! You can't go wrong with anything from Holistic Hair Tribe

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Hairstory: New Wash

The low-maintenace hair wash. One step to cleaning and conditioning your hair. It doesn't get any better!

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Cult + King

Another amazing brand with the best styling products. Plus it's from my home State. Cult + King takes all the guess work out of caring for your hair and for the planet!

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Long Barrel Curling Iron

My favorite curling irons for long hair! This longer barrel makes all the difference in your curls and shortens the time it takes to curl your hair.

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Bio Ionic Hair Dryers

Great hair dryers that will help dry quickly without damaging your hair.

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Safe Sunscreen for Hair Extensions