Step 3: Service Appointment


The day is here! You've applied to be a new client, filled out the Consultation Form, and have had a consultation at the salon. Now let's get to work!

On the day of your appointment you will receive a text message with a link to update me on anything I may need to know. Please fill this out. You will also have the choice to customize your experience through the link. You can choose to do so, or to skip it. Customizing the experience allows you to choose a beverage, mood, music, etc. before you arrive for your appointment.

If we are installing extensions, I highly recommend bringing snacks. You should know how long to expect the appointment, if you are unsure please reach out to me. Also come prepared with some entertainment. During the installation process I will need to focus fully on the technique being used so that you may have the best extension experience possible. I will refrain from coversation during this time, so having some entertainment could be beneficial to you. (Believe me I want to talk but I do my job a lot better when I stay focused.)