Step 2: In-Person Consultation


You've sent in all the details via the Consultation Form. Once you have submitted the Consultation Form you will be directed to my personal booking link where you will book either a Hair Extension Consultation or Hair Treatment Consultation.

Now it is time to meet in person! If you are receiving extensions, we will spend the time analyzing your hair and scalp, matching the extensions to your hair color, deciding on the best method and length, and coming up with a final estimate of the cost of your hair.

If you are receiving hair treatments we will take a close look at the health of your scalp and hair, determine the needs, and come up with a treatment plan that include duration, cost, and at-home care.

If you are trying to book a consultation but cannot find the link, please fill out the New Client Application below. If you have already filled out the New Client Application and the Consultation Form but did not receive a booking link please send a text message to 410-801-9927.